Successful Admits

Hello! Welcome to the spotlight of our most remarkable achievements. Here, we celebrate the top-tier successes of our students – the ambitious learners who joined hands with us and now stand tall in the esteemed halls of global universities.
Securing a place in a renowned international university is no small feat. It's a journey filled with challenges and triumphs. So, let's take a moment to walk through our virtual Hall of Fame, highlighting the stars of our Qogent family!

Our Hall of Fame:

Here are some Fun Facts:

We've helped over 1500+ students get admitted into top German public universities.
We've got an impressively high success rate of 88% for German Public Universities. No, we're not bluffing, our numbers don't lie.
We've managed to send students to 100+ unique courses across Germany. Yes, we’re sort of “Jack of all Trades”.

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(P.S. While we may not have a physical Hall of Fame, our virtual celebration grows with each student's success, building an inspiring legacy one story at a time!)